Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Tax Resistance, Counter-Recruitment, and WELCOME!

If this is the first time you've visited the OPC Action Blog, WELCOME! We added 56 new contactsthrough our Not One More! event in Libbey Park a few weekends ago, so there are lots of new friends connected with us now. There is only one action notification today, but usually there are around half a dozen. You never have to do them all, just pick something that resonates with you and go for it!

As a reminder to all: i am VERY protective of your information, and will not give your email address to anyone without your permission. You will receive one email message from me every two weeks on Tuesday, unless we need to stay especially well-connected due to a flurry of action and/or a sense of urgency. i also desire to maintain an openness and sense of personal connection with you, so if you have questions, concerns, ideas, offers to help, warnings, etc...please do email or call to share them. my cell phone number is 805-746-3750.

in Peace,
-evan austin


War Tax Resistance forum on Saturday!

Up to 54 cents of every dollaryou send to Uncle Sam this tax season will go to the United States military in some way, and yet even as militarism is touted as a solution to the world's ills, we live in a time of unprecedented global unrest. The Ojai Peace Coalition invites you to spend an evening discovering the connections - both personal and collective - between the world's violence and our own hard work, and what nonviolent means are available for resistance.

Joseph Maizlish of Southern California War Tax Resisters and Norman Bauer of the Ventura County Committee to Stop the War will co-present about protesting war through tax resistance and counter-recruitment at a private home in Ojai on Saturday, April 5th, 2008.

Contact me for exact location and time.
This event is FREE, with donations accepted.

(this blurb is posted on the Ojai Post, so if you have public comments or questions about this topic, put 'em there!)

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