Monday, June 30, 2008

Final Parade Prep!

Many people have emailed to let me know why they would not be available to help with the parade, as well as to express some heartfelt appreciation for the Ojai Peace Coalition's presence and role in the parade and in our community. One of the elements of culture is our holidays and celebrations, and so of course i agree that making Peace a part of this holiday is very much about culture-building and is a worthwhile pursuit.
My tremendous thanks go out right now to Kris Young, who has stepped forward this year as inspiration and energy and who i consider almost entirely responsible for our entry this year so far. When you see him on the 4th (probably driving our tractor!), please say thanks.
Below you will find all the details i can manage right now for our presence downtown on Independence Day. Enjoy!
in Peace,


Wednesday: Poster-Making!

We have a relatively low signage need this year, but we would still benefit from a time to get together and make them. Primarily our signs will consist of some of the advantages or issues that local eating brings along with it, such as greater security, energy conservation, and strengthened communities through personal relationships with our food providers.
If you can invest some time in making some of these signs, please meet at my home on Wednesday July 2 from 10am to noon. i live at 210 Grand Avenue, which is the apartment complex at the curve where Signal becomes Grand. i'll be there with posterboard, paints, markers, stapleguns, tape, and wood slats.


FRIDAY is Independence Day!

This Friday is July 4th, and the parade begins at 10am. We will gather where we always have: at the eastern end of the Matilija Junior High School campus, at 9am.
  • By that time, our float - a flatbed trailer pulled by a farm tractor - should be all put together and decorated. We will have a need for a few sign- and banner-carriers.
  • We still need an Earth Flag!! If you have one you can lend for that day, please let me know NOW.
  • I will have cold, distilled water for walkers, along with cups that i can collect afterwards for re-use.
  • In solidarity with our theme of local agriculture, please dress as you might to work in the garden or on the farm (keeping in mind that it will be HOT that day!), including actual produce and gardening tools!


Peace-Lover's Potluck after parade!

Sue Williamson is hosting a potluck party for all Peace and Freedom Lovers after the parade on Friday, complete with a spectacular view of the fireworks show!
The gathering is at 47 Taormina Lane at 6:30pm, and you're welcome to park on the Theosophical Community's Mesa so that the roads aren't too congested.
There will be a security guard at the entrance to Taormina, so give them Sue Williamson's name and the address: #47. Fireworks usually begin at 9pm.


See you soon,
evan austin
Ojai Peace Coalition

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Smith said...

Thanks for sharing!! I am also going to participate in a July 4th parade.