Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In With The New!

The end of the year approaches, bringing all things NEW! New members, new survey to build a new website, and new leadership and laws after the election!

Prop 8: Peaceful Protest This Thursday
If you're passionate about democracy, equal rights, and separation of church and state, please join us for a peaceful protest in opposition to Proposition 8 (same-sex marriage ban) on Thursday October 30th from 4:30 to 6:00pm at the Y intersection in Ojai. You may arrive and leave whenever you like and there will be signs available for you, but you may also make and bring your own!

The Obama office on Matilija Street and Montgomery has yard signs if you need one (or a dozen!).

Ojai Day Report-Out
Ojai Day was on Saturday the 18th, and the Ojai Peace Coalition had a nice presence inside Libbey Park. THANK YOU to all the volunteers who staffed the table throughout the day with smiles, information, and grace! THANK YOU as well to the 17 new members who signed up, and for whom this is your first OPC email! WELCOME!

Our main action was dramatically successful, with 70 new signatures gathered on our petition to the Ojai City Council to adopt a Resolution to End the War. i don't have a total signature count right now, but it's a LOT! After we see who our new councilmembers are (after the election) we'll be figuring out when a strategic time to present them our campaign might be. Meanwhile, you can sign it and share it via this link:

finally, participation in Ojai Day cost us $95 (plus a refunded $50 cleaning deposit), and we brought in $54 in donations. That means we invested $41 in being a part of our community's cultural event! Money well spent, methinks.

Happy Peacemas!
The HolyDays are upon us, and Peace is always in style! Visit The Official OPC Store and the PeaceHand Store for great holiday goodies that support the Ojai Peace Coalition!

(there's also a giant list of other peace-themed online retailers on our Action Blog)

Website Improvement Survey!
i've become familiar with some powerful new web tools that could improve our website tremendously. So, i've created a new survey so you can help me decide what's valuable! there are just four questions...please take a moment!

OPC 2008 Voting Guide
You can download our 2008 voting guide as a pdf HERE. My strongest recommendations are for Suza Francina for Ojai City Council, YES on Proposition 2, and NO on Proposition 8.

You can read about Suza Francina HERE.

You can read about Prop 2 HERE, and spk's insightful challenge of our Prop 11 recommendation HERE.

You can read a lengthy and enlightening discussion about Prop 8 HERE.

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