Friday, November 14, 2008

Equality, Thanksgiving, and Federal Jobs

The election was bittersweet for me, as we in a single evening advanced civil rights nationally and denied them here in California. Nevertheless, HOPE seems to be the prevalent attitude among those who continue to struggle for justice and equality!

As has been my custom, i'll go on OPC-lite during the holidays, meaning that i'll likely send out just one email in December. In fact, i'll continue in that vein for several months, until my wife finishes nursing school, in order to budget more of my energy for family and home. i already know that you support me in that, so i thank you.


Marriage Equality: Join the Impact!
Ever since Proposition 8's passage, rallies and protests have been held each day at various locations not only here in California, but across our nation! While the violence and vandalism that makes good news fodder does not reflect the Ojai Peace Coalition's values, there are plenty of opportunities to create meaningful protest that does.

TOMORROW, Saturday November 15th, is a national day of protest for people to march in support of marriage equality and civil rights. Ojai residents are being asked to join the Ventura march, beginning at 12:00 noon from Mission Park.

Some important links:
Join The Impact, official site
Ventura's event page, with map
Courage Campaign's petition to repeal Prop 8

AIR at Ojai Theatre, November 15th
The Ojai Valley Green Coalition will show the film 'Air' on November 15 at 4:30pm at the Ojai Theatre. The film was produced by the US EPA and the Ventura County Air Pollution District, among others. It presents the biography of air, current issues and solutions to problems in a 41-minute high definition format. It includes state-of-the-art film techniques that blend animation with footage of atmospheric phenomena and live-action re-creations. The program flyer is HERE.

(make note of their LED Holiday Light Strand Exchange on November 23rd, too!)

one day. one meal. one city.
"at the very foundations of our american story is a day of pause and of thanks where one shared a table with another. a day when color, class, and religion were laid down for the cause of solidarity. a day to embrace our neighbors, young and old, rich and poor, housed or not. ventura remembers this day with a one city thanksgiving day family celebration."

The City of Ventura is hosting a FREE Thanksgiving Day celebration from 11am to 2pm with live music, jolly jumps, crafts, and food! Meal is served at Knights of Columbus and activities are at Figueroa Plaza and Mission Park. More details HERE.

Wanna Work for Obama?
"Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little bit better than the one we inhabit today."
President-Elect Barack Obama

The transition team for the President-Elect is already working hard to enter the White House smoothly and efficiently, and they're using front-edge web technologies and presence to provide transparency and involve the American people in a way never before seen!

Visit to learn about the Transition Team's progress and plans, make suggestions to the new administration, and even apply for a job!

(and for fun, check out Super Obama World, a web-based video game featuring our 44th president!)

Happy Peacemas!
The HolyDays are upon us, and Peace is always in style! Visit The Official OPC Store and the PeaceHand Store for great holiday goodies that support the Ojai Peace Coalition!

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