Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OPC Voting Guide

This is just a very brief message in anticipation of Voting Day, which is in one week and will be the date of my next full-length OPC email. By this time you hopefully have yourself educated enough to have your mind made up about your Presidential choice, but there are also a bunch of initiatives on the ballot which you might feel unprepared for. What follows is my read of them and my voting recommendations (guess my ballot isnt so secret now, huh?)
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President of the United States
Dennis Kucinich

(doesn't that just feel good to say?)
Visit the OPC Action Blog to learn what Dennis and his supporters are up to, and why many of us are still voting for him. If you want to vote for someone who's actually still running, there are a couple of good resources on our Action Blog page at the top of the right-hand column.

Measure 91 - Transportation funds

Proposition 1A was passed in 2006 and accomplished what 91 set out to do.

Measure 92 - Community College funding

Separates funding formulas for K-12 and Community Colleges, lowers per-unit tuition. Sounds like better funding math, better accessibility, and higher enrollment to me.

Measure 93 - Term Limits

Members of the State Assembly could serve a maximum of 12 years, not 14. This legislation does not start the clock over for current lawmakers. If nothing else, the "NO" campaign's website is all about negativity and againstness ("fight the politicians!) while the "YES" campaign seems very open and positive.

Measures 94, 95, 96, 97 - Indian Gaming
It's a tough call...i'd RATHER see our Native people treated better without relying on a gambling industry, and i'd RATHER see our State find better-rounded and creative ways to boost and sustain our economy, but this seems to do no harm and provides a benefit. Our next challenge will be to responsibly and sustainably direct theses revenues as they pour in.

Vote In Peace!

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